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Before we start discussing role of courts for justice, it is necessary to have a clear concept about what justice is. Justice is a legal or philosophical theory which is used to administer fairness while resolving disputes. This is a basic right of a human being in a civilized society. Various scholars have given different concepts of justice. For example, the Greek philosopher Plato stated that Justice comes from God. On the other hand philosophers from social contract traditions state that justice is derived from the mutual agreement of everyone concerned.

Judicial Courts are the right place to claim justice and provide a forum to resolve the issues amongst people. Further they are empowered to enforce law in a fair and rational manner. The judges deputed in courts are considered to be the authority in law and after hearing the arguments of both prosecution and defense, they announce their decision which is acceptable to both the parties.

The justice system

The justice system is a designed mechanism to provide justice to public by enforcing the rule of law. The courts are an impartial forum, and the judges apply the law freely without any prejudice to the government’s wishes or giving importance to public opinion. Courts’ ruling is usually based on the evidences presented by lawyers in court.  The main purpose of the courts is to provide justice to general public and institutions without any favoritism. That is why justice is often symbolized as a blindfolded figure balancing a set of scales.

In our judiciary system, besides courts, lawyers also play a very important role in providing justice to the general public. Also there is a set of people who are called the jurors who help the legal system in this country. They reach a verdict based on the facts of the case.

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Court and Justice
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