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Family Law is a branch of Civil Law. Like other categories of civil law, family law has its own sphere of action. As apparent from its name “Family”, it deals with the issues relating to family matters or matters relating to husband and wife or children. Family law can help resolve issues and disputes such as marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, birth, child support and other issues relating to families.

What is marriage

Marriage is actually a social contract between two people. Sometimes, if they do not find it feasible to continue the contract due to one or more reasons the separation or divorce come in to place. Though separation seems to be simple a number of issues emerge from it. Especially if  there are children involved. Who will bear what expenses? All such issues fall in the ambit of family law.

Separate courts are designated to hear family cases. These courts are called family courts. Similarly, there are special lawyers who deal with the cases falling under purview of family law. Such attorneys after listening the reasons of disturbance amongst the spouses prepare and represent the cases of divorce, child support and other identical matters before the respective courts. When there is no other option except divorce, the court allows them to get divorced with suitable financial remedies including division of property etc., if involved.

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Family Law – Sphere of Action
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