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Assist clients to prepare a health care proxy.

A Health Care Proxy allows a person to appoint someone — for example, a family member or close friend – to make health care decisions on their behalf in case the person became unable to make that decision. Only with a Health Care Proxy an agent is allowed to discuss medical issues with a health care provider.

There are two situations in which a health care agent is needed:

  1. Temporary inability to make health care decisions. For example, before having an outpatient surgical procedure and are under general anesthesia. In case something unexpected happens the health care agent is there to take the decision that the principal would make.
  2. Permanent inability to make health care decisions. This would arise if the client has a  terminal illness and has specific medical wishes such as treatment, medication or surgeries. If an health care agent is appointed, then the health care agent will make the principal’s health care decisions according to own wishes, or your best interests.
Health Care Proxy

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