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To start an enterprise in a foreign business environment, such as America, may be quite tiresome, regardless of your experience. Most of the time, when people think about immigrating they know what they wish for, but they don’t know how to reach there.

“They are permanently coming up against laws, regulations or procedures in continuous change and thus making their movement more difficult. This is the reason why you need a competent and affordable lawyer”, says Andreea Dumitru, the founder of Dumitru & Associates PC law practice in New York.

“America is an ideal place for any kind of business whatsoever, and the system thereof is prepared for all entrepreneurs”, admits the lawyer Andreea Dumitru.

What you need to know if you want to open a business in the States:

“If you proposed yourself to open a business in America, it helps a lot if you come from a country that has business treaties with USA. In case you already own an entreprise in the home country, it will be easier to make one here”, states the lawyer.

The American Government before giving you a Visa wants to be convinced you have the necessary funds to open a company here, she adds. And, if the company you thought will generate enough money, so as to remain after the coverage of all your debts related to the company maintenance.

Moreover, the business must have a positive impact on the American economy. And if the law states a threshold to receive E2 Visa, also named investor visa, of 40,000 dollars, from my experience, Andreea says it must be minimum 100,000 dollars.

When the Consulate decides whether or not an application deserves to be approved, it will first look at the business investment, she adds. Further, at how may work places it creates, how innovative it is and whether or not it will significantly contribute to economy.

“Among the greatest benefits E2 visa offers one may also count the possibility given to the company owner to live in the USA for a limited time and to make a family here. We talk about husband/wife and children under 21 years old, not married who are entitled to work and study in the States”, explains the entrepreneur. Also, the main investor may also bring his/her employees grounding on E2 Visa, if they demonstrate to be skilled in a field not existent in USA.

According to her statements, E2 Visa category allows foreign entrepreneurs to stay in America as long as their company operates. “After the initial stay up to of 2 years, the businessman must require the extent of the status in steps up to 2 years. In the same time, the business must generate income so as to support both the E2 visa holder and his/her family. Moreover, if the business is concluded, the holder of the Visa must return in the home country”, also says the founder of Dumitru & Associates PC law practice in New York.

“Also, foreign entrepreneurs which invest minimum one million dollars and hire at least ten Americans may obtain the Green Card both for their own person and their families”, continues Andreea Dumitru.

If a foreign businessman holds a business in the home country and wants to open a branch in America, grounding on Viza L1 Intercompany transferee may bring his/her employees in USA.

Andreea Dumitru & Associates, PC is a law firm that provides a wide range of legal services in the areas of immigration, trusts & estates, family law, real estate, business, fashion and sports & entertainment.

Ms. Dumitru Parcalaboiu, whose background includes in-house legal work in the corporate sector, is Romanian and she has been living in New York for nearly 20 years. She received her Law degree in Romania, and an Master in Law at Cardozo Law School in New York. She is admitted to practice in New York State. Ms. Dumitru Parcalaboiu is a member of the American Bar Association, New York Bar Association, Queens Bar Association, American Immigration Lawyers Association, Board member of the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce, New York Chapter, and National Association of Professional Women.

How to open a business in the United States

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