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A business entity formulated under a specific firm name by a group of different lawyers where they work together, is called a law firm. One of the main objectives of any law firm is to extend advisory services on specific legal issues. Usually a law firm focuses on a particular category of legal cases. For example, there are law firms which deal with criminal cases or some other firms deal with tax related issues. The attorneys in the Law firm, after preparation of the case, represent clients in the courts of law for achievement of justice.

Depending on size and nature of cases a law firm can be categorized in different types. They range from single attorney law firm to multi state, multi staffed legal organizations having a team of skilled lawyers and legal professionals to handle legal cases of individuals and even of large corporations. Here, in this article, we will discuss some important types of law firms which are functional in most of the areas of the world.

Solo Law Firms

As apparent from its name, a solo law firm is run and owned by a single lawyer. This type of firms usually handles and provide legal services in a variety of issues from personal injury cases to family disputes. Usually they concentrate on one area of law. Being a single person entity, the running cost of solo law firm is comparatively lower than the other large sized legal firms. Therefore, these types of law firms are comparatively less expensive for clients.

Small Law Firms

Small law firm refers to a boutique law firm which consists of two to ten employees. Lawyers in a small law firm extend legal services on a broader range of legal issues.

Large Law Firms

This type of law firm consists of dozens of lawyers and employees including paralegals, human resource specialists, administrative staff and other related staff. Large law firms may have its branches in various cities or even in different countries. They may have big legal departments like corporate entities and thus can handle legal cases of almost all types.

Law Firm and Its Types

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