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In the American society, police procedural and legal drama television series had been very popular amongst the people. The basic concept of such dramas was to create awareness of legal procedures amongst the masses. Large number of legal dramas are aired in American states which are being admired by general public. One of these dramas is “Law & Order” which is an American police procedural and legal drama television series. The series was created by Dick Wolf and it was premiered on September 13, 1990 by NBC. Final session of Law & Order was aired on May 24, 2010 and thus it had been the longest running crime drama on American prime television. Popularity of the American television series “Law & Order” led to creation of a number of similar shows and video games. Law & Order has also won a number of Emmy Awards.

The television series “law & order” is a two part approach which was filmed in New York City. The drama is based on real crime stories which get prominent place on daily newspapers. Usually these are murder stories. The duration of one episode is one hour. During the first half it shows the procedural formalities of the New York City Police Department. These are filmed where a team of senior and junior detectives investigate some crime under supervision of their commanding officer. The second half of the drama is consisted of activities of the prosecution.

Major cast of this longest running crime stories based drama consists of Steven Hill who played the role of District Attorney named Adam Schiff, Lennie Briscoe who was a Detective in the drama was played by Jerry Orbach. Similarly, Anita Van Buren was a Lieutenant – which character was played by S. Epatha Merkerson and role of Jack McCoy Executive Assistant District Attorney was played by Sam Waterston in the drama and Jesse L. Martin played role of a Detective Ed Green.

Law & Order

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