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A type of film that focuses on narratives of legal practice and is termed as Legal Drama. A special term “courtroom drama” is used for legal dramas. The AFI (American Film Institute) defines “courtroom drama” as drama or film that refers to television productions which are based on stories relating to legal system prevailing in a particular society.  It covers the activities that occur in the courtroom. Sometimes it may also include filming of legal procedure at law firms. Unlike police crime dramas or detective fictions which focus on police officers or detectives investigation stories, Legal drama movies present lives of the fictional attorneys, defendants and other symbolic persons relating to legal practice before general public in television shows or films.

Major object of most of the legal dramas is to create awareness in the masses about legal proceedings. Such types of dramas educate people about their legal rights and ways how to protect them through the court of law, if intruded by anybody. Filming of legal drama needs a typical skill and knowledge. It requires a depth knowledge of the courts proceedings. Also the legal drama writers ought to have special knowledge of judiciary system and its proceedings. A carelessly written or filmed legal drama does not attract attention of general public and has to face criticism from audience relating to legal system.

Most of the legal dramas are based on true stories and therefore they are getting popular in general public. There are a number of websites that can give you ranking of legal dramas. These websites help viewers to decide ranking of good legal drama. Conviction, Law & Order, Damages, and Lawyer TV shows are popular among television fans because of their high stakes, inside look at the legal system, and strong characters. Whether you have attended law school yourself or are just keen to observe the proceedings of justice system, these legal dramas and TV shows best source of entertainment.

Legal Drama

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