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The phrase Attorney at law had been used for lawyers who practice in various courts of law. The term originates from England, Wales and North Ireland.  However, the phrase was replaced by the word “Solicitor” who is a person authorized to appear before court for pleading a particular case. In the United States it is still used.

An attorney at law or a solicitor is a person who has vast knowledge of laws covering almost all spheres of everyday life. Whether it is a common man’s criminal offence or complicated business and tax evasions, an attorney at law should have the ability to find legal solutions. Therefore, a person to become an Attorney at Law needs a Doctorate Degree in Law which is an extensive study course after the completion of a bachelor’s degree. After that, the lawyer has to pass the bar examination for getting license to practice law in a particular jurisdiction. Depending on the type of law involved, there are a number of specializations which an attorney at law has to do. For example if some wants to practice tax law, he or she will have to specialize in tax laws. Similarly, criminal and civil cases require some other types of specializations. Practicing law needs regular study of law to keep one abreast of changes in laws.

Responsibilities of an Attorney at Law

An attorney at law has to listen to the grievances of clients carefully and offer a legal solution.  Most of the time clients seeking legal counseling do not have much knowledge of various laws prevailing in the society. So it is the responsibility of a good attorney at law to suggest most viable legal advice covering all aspects of the case. It requires thorough study and extensive research work, on top of  skillfully presenting the case in court to prove one’s cause.

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Meanings And Responsibilities of an Attorney at Law
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