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A Lawyer is an important person in any society. A lawyer is also referred as an Attorney. Before, we discuss the role that a lawyer plays in the society, it is necessary to understand what a Lawyer is? In common, a lawyer is an individual or a member of the society who defends people’s rights either before the court of law through a process of legal proceedings or with an adversary on a disputed matter. Only a lawyer can represent clients before the court because is licensed by that court or department to do so. An attorney knows the procedures and requirements of judiciary system in the society. Therefore, we can say that a lawyer is an important person of the society who coordinates between the client and the judge for achievement of justice.

Role of Lawyer

We know that society is a group of individuals who are involved in persistent social interactions within same social or geographical territory. So when people from various groups interact with each other in a society a number of issues are evolved which need to be resolved within a legal framework. A Lawyer plays a vital role to create a legal environment where every member of the society feels comfortable with respect to its legal rights.

Due to different types of violations in any society, there are different types of lawyers to deal with these violations. For example, some lawyers only take cases of family disputes whereas some other are experts in criminal law and thus only take criminal cases. Similarly there are tax lawyers who extend legal services to their clients with respect to their tax related matters.

By occupation, a lawyer has a number of duties which he has to perform for the betterment of society. One of these important duties of a lawyer is to maintain contact with his client. This is very important for a lawyer to keep his client updated about necessary moves in the case. Another important duty of a lawyer is to provide in person representation at court bearings and other legal proceedings.

Role of Lawyer In the Society

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