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The word “school” refers to a learning place where students are taught about different subjects. Hence, a Law School, as reflected from its name, is a school or institution where students learn law and specialize in legal education. Usually, law schools in every country have its own education structure and students are required to have earned at least bachelor degree to enter law school. Some of the institutes have launched three years law education program whereas some other institutions prefer four year education program in law.

Whatever the duration of law degree would be, the critical question is that what the law school does to educate the law students. Usually a law school plays following roles in imparting legal education to the law students so that they can become successful lawyers in future.

The first and most important role of a law school that it plays in educating law students is that it teaches students to “Think Like A Lawyer”. This is an important change because law practice demands a rigorous, self critical, creative and empathic mindset, characteristics very important for a successful lawyer.

What does law school teach you?

Another very important aspect of law education is to exposure to a wide range of legal subjects such as criminal law, constitutional law, corporate law, property law and administrative law, legal procedure etc. This is an essential characteristic of law students for doing an intelligent law practice.

Then there is the law professor who plays very important role in training the law students. A committed teacher always provides his students a supervised, rigorous and disciplined opportunity to learn legal skills through trial practice, externships, clinics and workshops etc.

Finally, legal education provides students with opportunities to work on journals, in unresolved court competitions and in a broad range of law school organizations that are designed to enrich the education of future lawyers in terms of their writing, their advocacy skills and their exposure to diverse political, legal and cultural perspectives.

The Role Of Law School

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