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Please be advised that three new Administrative Orders have been recently issued. They are as follows

1) Administrative Order 100/17 amends 22 NYCRR 202.50(b) to add a new section 202.50(b)(3) requiring every uncontested and contested Judgment of Divorce to contain certain decretal paragraphs, including one concerning venue where post judgment applications for modification or enforcement in Supreme Court should be brought.

2) Administrative Order 99/17, amends 22 NYCRR 202 to add a new section 202.16-b addressing the submission of written applications in matrimonial actions, including page limitations.

3) Administrative Order 102/17 modifies the uncontested divorce packet forms to reflect increases as of March 1, 2017 in the self support reserve ($16,282) and the poverty level income for a single person ($12,060).

The above are posted on the NYSBA Family Law Section website, in the Community library and can also be found at NYCourts.gov

Three New Administrative Orders

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