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The terminology of attorney at law comes from the United States of America and it does mean practitioner who is legally allowed to defend and prosecute actions in the court. At April 2018 there were more than 1.2 million licensed attorneys in the United States. At 2017 more than 60 million people in the country sough an attorney and more than 70% of them used Internet to find them.

As an attorney you would be an advisor, advocate and counselor for your client.


The average United States attorney – specializing field of law.


Most of them limit their practices to specialized law fields. Despite that, some states do not prioritize any specialization in any field of the law, so they should stand in front of the state bar. For example, the State Bar of Texas formally grants certification in 21 selected areas of law.


Can you take the bar exam without ever going to law school?

Today this is possible in only four states – Virginia, California, Washington and Vermont. They can get an opportunity to apprentice with a practicing attorney. There are many examples of great lawyers who did not went to law school such as Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Webster, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Lincoln once said that if you are determined enough to be a lawyer you have already done more than a half of the job.

,,Law Office Study Program’’ is the name of this option in California. You need to meet a list of some stipulations such as:

  • A positive character determination
  • You must sit in a practicing attorney office for 4 years for 18 hours in a week
  • You must have a passage of First-Year law students examination



The terminology attorney at law is mostly used in the United States. You can be an attorney without going to law school in 4 of the states but you must meet a list of some hard stipulations. But as Abraham Lincoln said – everyone can be a lawyer if he has determination to be.

What does attorney at law mean?
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